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Passports Social Media Marketing

Passports Social Media Marketing

Passports Social Media Marketing. With years of experience working in social media marketing for global travel brands, win many hats including running large digital marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, driving web traffic, supporting marketing initiatives, and increasing sales.Passports Social Media Marketing

Interesting all the way through. I’ve heard Gary talk about “peak Passports Social Media Marketing” before and I think he’s right. It’s a trend we’ve all been noticing, and anything that can help speed the ‘return to basics’ trend is good for all parties.

On threshold DAs and minimum Uniques, you didn’t really talk about niche/micro-influencers. I was really surprised a few weeks ago when Emma Mead at VisitBritain said that they were now looking at micro-influencers with as few as 1,000 monthly uniques. Where can i follow Passports Social Media Marketing join here


What is Social Media Marketing?

If you think reaching nearly one in six people on the planet within ten years is fast, then I agree with you.

But, how about reaching one in five within nine years?

Since opening up for everyone to sign up on September 26, 2006, Facebook now has 1.6 billion users.

The world population has grown to over 7.8 billion, by now, and nearly one in four humans on this planet has a Facebook account.

Facebook, quite literally, is beginning to take over the world. 68% of people in North America use the platform, and the percentages for similar countries are equally staggering.

In some ways, Facebook is a country of its own. It’s larger than any other country in the world, and one could even argue that it’s more connected.

And that’s just Facebook.Passports Social Media Marketing

We haven’t even taken into account the users on all the other platforms.

By the end of that analysis, we’d likely have trouble keeping count.

But don’t think people are only using these platforms once a month just because that’s how most people go about measuring the stats.

In reality, people are using these platforms every single day. And they use them not just once per day, but multiple times. What is Passports Social Media Marketing

Passports Social Media Marketing Overview

Even though you hear about the same few social networks all of the time, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any others out there.

Wikipedia alone lists over 200 of them.

All versions aggregate around 200 services, but from version to version (which they usually update every 2-3 years), the creators remove over 100 social media platforms and add another 100.

The world of social media is changing incredibly fast. So when you’re just starting out, start with the ones that have been around for years.

Betting on “the next big thing” can pay off if you’re right. But, if you’re just getting started on a social media strategy, you can’t afford to not have a Facebook page or a Twitter account since we’ve already seen how effective they are.

Let’s look at some key social media terms.


Content is whatever you are posting. It can be a Facebook status update, a photo on Instagram, a tweet, something to pin on a board on Pinterest, and so on.Passports Social Media Marketing

The graphic already showed you that content comes in many different forms and that you need to custom-tailor it to each platform. What’s even more important than content, though, is context.


Gary Vaynerchuk said that if content is king, then context is god. You can have a great joke, but if you place it somewhere inside a 3,000-word blog post, very few people will see it. On Twitter, however, that same joke as a tweet might crush it.

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